The Grandmaster of the Classical Guitar



“Julia Florida” by Augustín Barrios Mangore

In 1938 Barrios was teaching the niece of a friend, Julia Martinez, with whom he fell in love immortally. The piece “Julia Florida” is dedicated to her, “Julia, the Blossoming”, probably alluding to the magic and charm she exerted on the composer.

In the hands of Wolfgang Weigel this music comes to life and you can see why A. Barrios was also called “The Chopin of the Guitar”.

Wolfgang Weigel


Wolfgang Weigel is one of the most unusual interpreters of our time.

If you would say that he is a guitarist, then you would be far off the mark. For far more than that, he is a true musician and one of the purest singers of truth and beauty in this fast-moving age.

Wolfgang Weigel, interpreter, conductor, speaker, chamber musician, singer and arranger. And also (and not least) a concert guitarist.

One of the few true grandmasters of this instrument.


“Estancia Nr. 1” by Antonio Ruiz Pipó

A wonderful mixture.

The music of the Spanish composer Ruiz Pipo and the sound magician Wolfgang Weigel on his guitar.

A combination of colours and moods – thoughtful, meditative and touching at every moment.


“Wolfgang Weigel is one of the most extraordinary and versatile representatives of his instrument of our time.”


“Grandmaster Wolfgang Weigel – Over four decades ambassador of music for the classical guitar.”

(El Aviso)

Wolfang Weigel also plays in various chamber music ensembles.

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