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„Never was more beginning than now.“ (W. Whitman)

Today it seems more difficult than ever to make one’s voice heard as an artist or creator of culture. Organizers complain about half-empty halls, museums meet with less and less interest, and artists have to play for fees that hardly ensure their survival.

The world, it seems, has become too noisy, the offer too large, and the public increasingly chooses how they spend their free time.

On the other hand, there is the fact that at no point in history has it been easier to reach an audience.

Never before has it been easier to reach people all over the world who are touched by our art of making their own work known far beyond all borders and thus earning a living.

What it needs is a good strategy.

Because the net is teeming with offers and distractions of all kinds and it is difficult to penetrate this ever smaller market.

Of course you can set out on your own and develop your own strategy with a lot of effort and money. But it is better to rely on a good partner right from the start who accompanies you step by step and sets the right course.

So that finally, finally, there is time again for what is dear to all of us: To make art and to touch people’s hearts with it.

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We are more than just an agency. Leiermann is one of the leading platforms for art and culture in the German-speaking world. Find out more on our blog, our culture app or in our concert agency.

We live culture and will certainly find a way for you to make your voice heard in this noisy world.

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