Miguel Ángel Lázaro Díaz

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Miguel Ángel Lázaro Díaz


“I love my guitar. I love the pain and tears it takes to truly make music.”


“Sevilla” by Isaac Albeniz

Originally written for piano, Sevilla is now part of the standard repertoire of every guitarist and one of the most popular pieces of its genre.

It was composed in 1886 as one of eight movements from Isaac Albeniz’s famous Suite española op. 47, in which he sang about the beauty of his homeland.


Miguel Ángel Lázaro Díaz

Born in Madrid in 1989, Miguel Ángel Lázaro Díaz is one of the most interesting guitarists of his generation.

Trained by the most famous interpreters of our time, he was invited to concerts in China and South Korea even before his graduation.

Today he regularly plays concerts in Germany and Spain.



“Concierto de Aranjuez” by Joaquín Rodrigo

There are probably few melodies that have engraved themselves so deeply into the memory of our culture as the lamenting English horn in Rodrigo’s second movement of his probably most famous concerto.

Today often lovelessly played down and treated like an old draught horse, Miguel Ángel interprets it excitingly new and with the full use of his powers.



“Art is the lie that enables us to understand the truth.”

(Pablo Picasso)

“Inspiration exists, but it must find you at work.”

(Pablo Picasso)

Experience an evening full of mystery and magic, an evening with the most beautiful works of Spanish literature, played by one of the most wonderful interpreters of our time.