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The guitar is probably the instrument that speaks most directly to us.

Its quiet voice touches the hearts of all those lucky enough to meet one of its true masters.


When we speak of true masters, then we must also speak of Wolfgang Weigel, for many the “Grandmaster of the Classical Guitar”.

Experience how music comes to life in his hands, how he not only plays and shapes music, but also creates images before our eyes and thus opens up whole worlds of emotions anew.

And isn’t that exactly what people are looking for today?

In addition, there are a myriad of young musicians who are pushing their way onto the stage.

But it’s not all gold that glitters, and between all the tinsel and tassels you have to look carefully to find those musicians who care about their work, who love music more than their success, and who therefore have the strength to enchant people.

And it is exactly these young musicians we would like to introduce to you.

Our agency is deliberately kept small. We don’t want to offer you mass-produced goods, concerts that you have forgotten after a week, but we want to create unforgettable moments that your audience will remember for years to come.

We will also be happy to help you create an online advertising campaign to attract new visitors to your concerts who are not yet interested.

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Some impressions


A few pictures and videos of our artists.


Why us?

Why should you trust a young, unknown agency?

Take a look at our other projects. Leiermann stands for culture in its highest quality, whether on the Leiermann Blog or the probably unique KulturApp Der Leiermann.

Or now also here, in our agency. With some of the most interesting guitarists of our time.



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